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Mortgage Company in Montréal

No one succeeds alone.
It takes a team to live out our mission here. That’s why we take care to bring on the people who walk our talk. When you reach out to us, you get a Mortgage MD professional who has the mindset to care about doing the right thing for you.
MICHAEL NOIK - Chief Mortgage Doctor, aka “Mortgage Mike”

“I won’t do something unless it’s good for you.”

Michael Noik Mortgage MD
Hi, I’m Michael Noik, founder and creator of MortgageMD. When we decided to build and brand this company, my mission was to bring Canadians a fresh approach to mortgage lending – one that puts people before rates. Too often, too many people blindly sign renewals and contracts without having the knowledge to ask the important questions that can make a significant impact on their lending situation. I help you ask those questions upfront, so that you only sign and agree to something you understand will work for you. Clients often refer to me as the Mortgage Doctor, or Mortgage Mike, and I’ve remained committed to living out that role – to be the mortgage guy people can count on to take them seriously and care about them first.
LEA ILUZ - Master of Making Things Easier

“I have a passion for making things as simple as possible for people.”

Lea Lluz Mortgage MD
Hi, I’m Lea. My career started at the bank, so I know that world pretty well. As Branch Customer Service Manager, I saw first-hand what clients go through to get the lending solutions they need. When it came time to get my own mortgage, I knew that I wanted more attention than the banks could give me. I wanted to learn and understand what I was actually undertaking. This is how and why I met Mortgage Mike on our MortgageMD team. One conversation with him helped me see the difference between the experience we could offer at the bank level and what a true mortgage expert and advocate can bring to the table. What started as a mortgage transaction transformed into a job for me on this team where I get to help make this as easy as the MortgageMD team made it for me. I think it may have been the colour-coded sticky notes I used to organize my paperwork that initially got me the job. You can count on me to bring that level of organization and diligence to your file.
FRANCA FIAMMELLI - aka “Frankie the Fighter”

“Let me do the worrying.”

Franca Fiammelli Mortgage MD
When someone tells me no, I say yes. It’s that simple. When it comes to mortgages, I don’t see the word “no” as a dead end; I see it as an opportunity to fight for what’s right. This is the energy and promise I bring to all of my clients. If I give you my word that I will get you a mortgage, you can count on that. Confidence is key when it comes to getting a mortgage, and clients can only be as confident as the broker negotiating on their behalf. My confidence comes from knowing how to get to “yes” for my clients, and seeing the difference this makes for them. It’s what I fight for.
DAVID – “The Mortgage Whisperer.”

“Solutions come in all shapes and sizes.”

David Mortgage MD
Sometimes you just need to look at a situation differently to find the solution. When it comes to mortgage shopping, I take my clients outside of the typical box they are stuck in to find viable options that often work better for them. With my experience, knowledge and network, I have the ability to find and package solutions that are second to none. This is why I keep at this career – because when you know you can help people with what you’re good at, you don’t stop.

“Like family.”

Laurent Mortgage MD
My clients and colleagues call me “Cuz” because I make them feel cared for and prioritized as if they were family. If we work together, it’s because you trust me, and I take that seriously. You’re going to be making one of the biggest decisions of your life with a mortgage. You’ll save yourself a lot of time, hassle and money by working with a broker who cares about your wellbeing and your future plans.
For me there is no other way to do this job.
GEORGE VOULOUMANOS – “The guy next door”

“Going the distance.”

George Mortgage MD
Cutting corners to get a job done may make some people successful, but when it comes to brokering your mortgage, shortcuts don’t work for me. I go the distance and leave no stone unturned when it comes to your options, because I have seen firsthand how that little extra bit of conscientiousness and care can make a mind-blowing difference for you in the end. I’m an accountant by training and I have a good handle on knowing what my clients don’t know so that I can fill in the gaps and make the process of shopping for a mortgage a lot easier (and fun!).
LINDSAY – “The Whip”

“We get it done!”

lindsay Mortgage MD
Did we get back to you within record time?
My job here is to make sure that things run smoothly for you and the team. When you book a call with us, we’re set up to respond promptly with the time to listen to you. This is what we’re all about.
STEPHEN MYERS - Resident Morale Officer aka “Coach Steve”

“The more we help others succeed, the more we succeed.“

Stephen Myers Mortgage MD
Hi, I’m Stephen, and my goal is to design and implement the processes for the company that feed its morale, so that everyone here has the capacity to stay true to our promise. It’s not easy to be the caring type of business, but it’s a lot easier for the people operating that kind of business when they are able to take care of themselves. We can only be as good for you as we are for ourselves. That’s why we make sure that our team has what they need to get you what you need. If our team doesn’t meet your needs than I haven’t met mine.


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